Tuesday, January 29, 2019

3 Identical Strangers Documentary

Did you watch the documentary, "3 Identical Strangers"? This is a story of three brothers separated at birth and raised in different families.

The story of how these young men were adopted in different homes, then followed and studied as a part of a secret medical study, is mind-blowing. Then to learn that the doctor who created this study, Peter B. Neubauer, was a Jew who had fled the Nazi's, and was now engaged in his own secret human experiments ON the Jews. 

The study was to answer the age old question if it is genes or environment that shapes the child, so it required using identical twins and then placing them in homes that were in contrast from each other in how they parent. The study was also designed to be highly secretive so no one knew of its existence. 

Discovering these triplets, who had been separated and adopted out at 6 months, was an amazing discovery.  Then to learn this separation was due to a STUDY meant there would be OTHER IDENTICAL TWINS adopted in different homes, too. To find the others, this would mean getting access to the study. But the place where all of these adoptions took place is no longer in business and the study is SEALED and protected at Yale until 2065!

Since this story of these identical triplets that were separated at birth became public, other separated and adopted siblings have been discovered, and at least 3 of these separated siblings have committed suicide. This result lets us know that something VERY WRONG and life threatening are one of the results of this study.

It is amazing to me that it is a a Jewish doctor, and one who had escaped from the Nazi's who were doing human experiments on Jews, would create his own secret human studies on his FELLOW Jews. To then also learn the study was endorsed by the American Government and some Jewish Organizations is also rather jaw dropping. 

If you want to learn more about this human experiment, read "The High Cost of Experimentation Without Ethics"