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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The El Camino Real

When you take a road trip in California along Highway 1 or 101, you most likely will see these historic markers identifying this area is part of the historic El Camino Real.

The El Camino Real was one of the first state highways in California. It is a historic 600-mile road connecting the 21 Spanish missions in California between San Diego to Sonoma (just above San Francisco Bay).

In 1892 it was decided to place distinctive bell markers along the route in the form of an 11-foot "Franciscan walking stick with a Mission bell". These were then installed in 1906, but by 1950, only 70 of these markers survived. Then, in 2005 Caltrans developed an El Camino Real restoration program which resulted in the installation of 555 new El Camino Real Bell Marker This is what you can occasionally spot on different roads between Sonoma and San Diego.

BUT, if you really want to enhance the mood while you journey along the El Camino Real, add this music from Amos Lee, called, "El Camino".