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Monday, May 1, 2017

Carrizo Plain National Monument - a Special Place

I recently visited Carrizo Plain National Monument in California. I had read an article about how the rainfall had been so much this year, that a person could even see the wild flowers from space!

So, I went to see the flowers.

First of all, the place is a preserve and not that easy to get to. There are some paved as well as dirt roads. If it is dry, it is possible to travel on the bumpy 25 mile dirt road in a Prius, but if it rains, you will definitely need a high clearance vehicle if you are planning to exit from the South. Otherwise, you will just need to enter and exit from the North side, on the paved roads.

Also, if you are prone to react to pollen (aka hayfever), you are going to experience a full blown allergy attack, so bring your tissues and meds. Also, there are no services in the area (no gas stations, no stores), so bring water.

Map of Carrizo Plain National Monument Location in CA
So is it worth visiting?

The experience of being immersed in nature when it is in full bloom, is an ENERGETIC type of wonderland. As you probably know, there are places on the earth that have a concentration of life force energy (or Qi) and at different seasons, you can actually FEEL that force of subtle energy and even use it to have some rather amazing experiences. THIS is one of those places. So coming here when the flowers seem to be shouting "look at us! look at us!" - well, it is letting us know there is plenty of Qi around to experience something rather unique and absolutely amazing.

There are even petroglyphs there, which often are the art work of the ancient ones, sharing a spiritual event that happened to them, long, long ago. In other words, this area is considered sacred. And it is. You can actually FEEL and connect with that type of experience, if you allow yourself that opportunity.

In the springtime, this concentration of life force energy in these plains is so robust, it is as if you can reach out and take some of that life force energy and place in directly in your heart and heal any hurt that may be lodged there.

The Carrizo Plain National Monument is special. It is unique. It really is an energetic wonderland.