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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weird toes

GDQ, the 3.5 y.o. grandkid, discovered I have some weird toes. He asked me what was wrong with that toe and I said "it's a corn" and I could tell by the look in his face, that if I wasn't careful, he would never eat corn again. So I corrected myself and said, "it's a blister".

He then looked a long time at my toe, and then examined all of them, one by one. ARQ, the little 1.5 y.o. granddaughter, then came over to also inspect my toes, too. This went on for several minutes as if I was a specimen at the zoo who displayed something rather unique in the genetic line of animals.

I realized they are now at that point of life when they are seeing imperfections of the adults around them, and for this visit, they observed some flaws and quirks of their Gramz they had not seen before. With luck, they will realize they can over still wrestle and play hide-and-seek with the old lady, even if she does have some pretty weird phalanges.