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Monday, April 3, 2017

Stories and imagination

I get a kick out of observing changes and development in the grandkids. The 3.5 yo grandkid LOVES books and enjoys being read to, but THIS weekend, when it was time to read stories before going to bed, he said he didn't want a book. He wanted me to TELL him a story.  I've been telling him a story AFTER reading time for months, but this time, he just wanted a story told to him while we laid in bed waiting for sleepy-time to take over.

The story usually is about a boy named George who goes on an adventure in a train, car, plane, or bike, and gets to see and do something new. But THIS time, it was as if I was able to watch his little mind paint the picture of the adventure he was listening to. It was pretty fun.

It is pretty cool being a Grandma.  Who knew?