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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Leaving a Legacy?

Because I hang out with a lot of retired people these days, the topic of being forgotten, or being alone, or leaving a legacy is something that comes up after we open the 3rd bottle of wine.  

Before my former Qigong instructor, Suzanne, died (at the age of 45), she shared how she thought there is a NEED inside all of us, to create something that will outlive us. She seemed to hope her legacy would be her flute music, or perhaps the books she wrote, but I believe her lasting legacy was the spark of wonder and skills she transferred to us, her Qigong students, in those many Qigong classes.
My Qigong Instructor - Dr. Suzanne Friedman
My mother, an artist, before she passed away, would review the photos of her paintings, created over her lifetime. She would lovingly gaze at them, and no doubt remember the different decisions about paint mixtures and brush strokes to get each painting to be just right. I believe she would consider her art to be her most lasting legacy.
My Mother
Another special teacher I had was John. He shared how each of us leaves a personal essence of our subtle energy on this earth in places as we travel through life. He continued by saying that we will leave a type of “energetic marker” in different locations based on the emotions and feelings we created at that time and location. If that is the case, we are leaving a part of us throughout our entire life and scattering it all along the life we lived.

Most of us probably assume our legacy will be the business we started, or our bank account, or any properties we own. It may even be the quilts we created our our cabbage patch doll collection. But most likely, our REAL legacy will be the feelings that we helped create with others - be it good feelings or bad feelings.  This is what will probably be what lives on after we die and will be our true legacy.

With luck, we will have created more good moments than bad, doing our part to make the world a better place through good energy vibes.