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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wine Tasting at Santa Carolina and Santa Rita Wineries in Chile

Napa Valley, in Northern California, was where I first learn about wine. It was a great place to get my toes wet and learn about wine and start tasting the differences in different types of wines as well as at different wineries. 

Now I'm expanding my wine and culinary experiences in other parts of the world. WineKnowsTravel, a San Diego, California, based company, provides a first class travel experience in their focused tours of wine and food. For this trip, we are focusing on South America, particularly Chile and Argentina.

Our first wine tasting activity was at Santa Carolina Winery, Santiago, Chile. The climate and foliage actually looks very similar to San Diego.

Like most wineries, they use oak barrels to store the wine until it is ready for bottling. They use these oak barrels up to 4 times at Santa Carolina.

These were the wines I liked at this winery during our wine tasting adventure:
Carnere, Family Reserve, 2010

I also liked Carmenere, Premium Reserve, 2010.

Next, we visited Santa Rita winery, which is absolutely gorgeous. The feeling of peace and contentment runs through this place.  We had an elaborate culinary experience, along with some fantastic wines to accompany our meal. It was pretty stupendous.