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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wine Tasting at De Martino in Chile

I loved this winery! We took a tour of the winery, with Guy, from the UK, and learned about the history of this winery, as well as their philosophy of making wine without additives - none!  It is all about the fermented fruit.  The alcohol in these wines are less than 14%, and a very different flavor than other wines

I was surprised to learn that at De Martino winery, they use clay pots to store and ferment some of their wines - muscat and

The jars are HUGE, and they seal the wine with clay and straw, along with a metal spigot poking out of the top.
They also use oak barrels, but what is unique, is they reuse the oak barrels over and over again, so the taste of the wine can change year by year.  They also use HUGE oak barrels, too, so the wine's exposure to oak wood is also reduced as compared to other wineries. This is in keeping with their philosophy to focus on the fruit and it's natural fermentation process rather than introducing outside elements, like yeast and oak.
Guy, our tour guide, then took us to do some serious wine tasting.

We had several types of wines at our tasting.
  1. Cinsault Rose 2016 - aged in metal (we liked this one - very light)
  2. Viejas CINSUIT (Sanso) 201616 - aged in amphora terra-cotta  pottery
  3. Muscat 2015 - aged in amphora terra cotta potter (this was dry and NOT sweet. It was an unusual surprise. Very full bouquet)
  4. Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (we liked this one)
  5. Chardonnay Grand Reserve 2016 from Limry Valley - aged in oak (I liked this one)
  6. Carmenere 2014 - aged in the large Austrian containers. More gentle than a Merlot (I liked this one)
  7. Malbec Camenere 2014 (My traveling partner liked this one)
This wine tasting was pretty amazing. I loved it!