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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Kiddos Learn new Computer Skills

The two kiddo's took a new computer course.
Bambino (GDQ) intently pays attention to the course material while Bambina (ARQ) initially thinks the mouse is a phone. She tries to call Kansas.

After a while, they both get the hang of this and successfully complete the course.
The next skill for Bambina was to receive a secret message - arriving through the window.

Message received! Bambina messages back with a thumbs-up.

The Bambino's next course was about trains.

Where he got a whole lot of new ideas on what a person can do with trains and imagination.

The computer world is one of wonder and continues to change and expand. It is going to be fascinating to see where these experiences will take the next generation. So far, this is a space they both like to participate in.