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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Comparing John Muir's Yosemite Trip to Mine

John Muir decided to go see Yosemite and recorded this in his journal in 1868.

I decided to visit California for a year or two to see its wonderful flora and the famous Yosemite Valley. Arriving by the Panama steamer, I stopped one day in San Francisco and inquired for the nearest way of town and was directed to the Oakland ferry. So on the first of April, 1868, I set out afoot for Yosemite. I wandered enchanted in long wavering curves knowing by my pocket map that Yosemite Valley lay to the east and that I should surely find it. 

In the next paragraph, he is at Pacheo Pass, then across the San Joaquin Valley, up the Sierra foothills and the next page he is describing Yosemite - "The Valley looks like an immense hall or temple lighted from above, but no temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite. Every rock in its walls seems to glow with life.”

He has walked over 230 miles over a couple of months with no mention of food, shoes, clothes, health, shelter, trail conditions, or even other people AND described his entire journey in a mere 3 pages.

This is a map of his walk-about, starting at Oakland, CA, and ending in Yosemite.
Here is MY journal of MY trip to Yosemite.

Starting Place
Google maps says it will take me 4 hours to get there! I thought it was much closer. What should I wear?  What shoes shoes should I take? Is it going to snow? Are there bears? What music should I bring? Will I need chains? I better pee.

1st hour
OMG, where is a Starbucks? How is this even possible to NOT have a Starbucks in this town?

2nd hour
WTF, a 2 lane highway??  Why is this dude going the speed limit? 

3rd hour
Where is a bathroom? 

4th hour

I concluded John Muir and I are very much alike - we don't use many words but focus on the important stuff.