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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Noble Pass Trail in Lassen National Park

There is a little spot in the middle of Lassen National Park with a plaque identifying the Noble Pass.

Noble Pass Plaque
Nobles Trail Info Sign
Nobles Pass Today (2016)
I had never heard of the Noble Trail until I saw this sign and learned it was part of several trails built to get more goods and people to the gold rush area of California You can see on this California Trail map the arrows pointing to both ends of the Noble Trail - which began in 1851, originating in Deep Hole Springs, Nevada, and ending in Shasta City, CA. Originally it was 300 miles long, but now days, only 26 miles are part of the historic register and goes through Lassen National Park.

Noble Trail Map
There is an interesting blog called "Trails West" showing a current day photo tour of the Noble Trail. This photo tour is captivating. It reminded me how challenging the actual journey would have been, especially knowing there were very few places to eat, pee, or sleep. How hard would it be to eat beans every night, sleep with not much more than a blanket, and have wild coyotes and bears prowling around for months and months?

Even today, the trail looks rather lonely. You can almost see some broken dreams scattered along the trail. It is a good reminder that fortune hunting extolls a heavy cost and is a difficult path.