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Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Visit to Lassen National Volcanic Park

There's nothing like getting up early and being the first one in a National Park.  I mean, it seemed like I had the whole park to myself for awhile, and it was rather thrilling! The view from the top is amazing.

The variety of geology is breath taking (except for the sulfur smells which are kind of like rotten eggs that gag you).

With delicious looking mud, bubbling away, as if inviting you in for a dip.

With many clear water lakes, mirroring back all the wonder around them.

This area is part of a string of volcanoes linked with other famous mountains, such as Mount Hood in Oregon, Mount St. Helens in Washington, as well as the volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands. It's like they are one big happy family strung together like black pearls up the pacific coast and then swerving down to Hawaii.