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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Shark Bite Ice Cream from Nova Scotia

While visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, we saw this advertisement on the sidewalk of this fishing village.

Daily Special - worms with bite
"Freshly caught gummy worms wiggling on shark bite ice cream with strawberry sauce and pop rocks, allured a cloud of whipped cream and a cherry sun. $5.00 + tax"
I thought this was the most awful marketing ploy I had ever seen! But ya know what happened next? We went INTO the store to SEE what this was. The next thing you knew, we were getting a taste of the Shark Bite ice cream, and then we both went YUMMMMMM! This is SOOOO GOOD! It is made with fresh local blue berries and had swirls of strawberry jam (to depict the blood from a shark biting you).
This awful marketing sign made me change my mind about their tactics. After all, it worked! It got me in the store to try their product. I left with a smile on my face, a satisfied tummy, and wanted to see some of their local sharks dripping strawberry syrup from their teeth.