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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Point Reyes National Park in California

Point Reyes is one of the National Parks in California. It is a peninsula that includes wild coastal beaches, headlands, estuaries, and uplands. It is also THE windiest and foggiest place on the Pacific Coast (according to official weather records). It is also the closest National Park to San Francisco.

Here is a high level view of this coastal area (photo from Wikipedia).
There is also a lovely and sandy beach that Sir Francis Drake, the English sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, and politician of the Elizabethan era, most likely saw when he landed here. He thought the cliffs were similar to the white cliffs of Dover, and that was the same impression I had, too.
Tamales Bay is beautiful with very calm waters and a great place for smooth water kayaking. There is a place to rent kayaks as well as take lessons. I took the fam here once to go kayaking, and we saw so many jelly fish. There are also oyster farms in this bay, so if you like oysters, it's a great place to satisfy that desire, too.
The different National Parks have a different kind of feel in each park. Point Reyes, for me, is a place filled with the "energy of calm and support." It is a rather nourishing place. A few hours here seems to fill you up in ways other places can not.  It's just a lovely little place to get your tank refilled.