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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Observing the Intuitive Learning Process of 2 Grandkids

As a relatively new grandma, I've become fascinated with what the grandkids learn on their own versus what they mimic from others. For example, when the kiddos were around 3 months old, each became fascinated with their hands. For the Bambino, he focused much of his time and energy on this discovery. This seemed to last several weeks and it was fascinating to observe.

For the Bambina, the whole hand and finger discovery seemed to quickly begin and then end in the blink of the eye. It almost was if she said, "oh, I have hands and fingers. Hmm. I better figure this out and see what's next. OK, done! Next..."

This experience of observing what the two kiddo's discover and learn on their own, and then how it may be the same or different from their sibling, really resonated with me. It was as if I now had a front row seat of the human development process, in part, just because I was a grandma!

The two kiddos change quickly, easily, and constantly so watching and interacting with them is absolutely fascinating! But what is so great about watching this show is that it always ends with a hug, kiss and a loving wave good-bye. Now how cool is that?