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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Acadia National Park - Maine

Acadia National Park is the oldest national park East of the Mississippi, located on the East Coast of the USA, in Maine.

During our visit, it was cloudy, foggy, and sometimes raining.  Here is MY photo of  the area called, "the Bubbles".

The view of "the Bubbles" on the day I was there

Here is one of the more official photos of "the Bubbles." The two mounds in the distance are officially called "the Bubbles" but the locals have called them "the bubies" (or boobies) because it is obviously a woman lying on her back exposing her boobs.

The Bubbles at Arcadia National Park

Because my photos of Arcadia National Park are all pretty much crap, I'm linking to some photos to show how beautiful and peaceful the place really is.

Acadia National Park - Maine
Cadillac Mountain Summit

The area was carved by glaciers and the place is filled with granite rocks, making the geology of the place pretty spectacular. You can feel that sense of calm, beauty, and purity, even in the fog and rain.