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Monday, August 15, 2016

Life's Pleasures are More Intense When you are a Senior

Anyone 62 or older is considered a senior citizen. How do I know this? Because the local Chinese Restaurant has a sign posted giving 10% discounts to senior citizens, and in small print (which is obviously from their attorney) it clarifies this means 62+.

Many of my senior citizen friends will bemoan the fact how growing old has left them with crows feet, a sagging neck waddle, and age spots. These types of reports seem to imply that everything about being a senior citizen is yukky. Well, it isn't. There are some pretty amazing things that happen when you become a senior citizen that often are not shared. It's like everyone wants to keep it a secret, but really, we should be shouting this from the rooftops, because there are some other things that happen that are pretty darn incredible!

We all know that each life stage has pros and cons, but we sometimes forget about the yukky stuff in a prior stage, like acne. Remember that one? But in THIS stage of being a senior citizen, the pros are pretty incredible and in fact, some are downright unbelievable!

During THIS stage, the LIFE PLEASURES ARE MORE INTENSE!  It's almost as if everything is now CLEAR AND VIBRANT, and you didn't even know it had been cloudy and filtered.But NOW, you are suddenly experiencing ALL of life's little pleasures with much more intensity and clarity than ever before.

For example, I was eating a banana and SUDDENLY my entire self was engaged in this and the intensity of the flavor, textures, and whole experience became AMAZING. I mean, how many times have I eaten a banana before and hardly noticed? A lot. But NOW, almost every time I consume food, it is an EXTRA-ORDINARY experience. All my taste buds are ON as if this is the time in their life they are in full bloom. Textures, smells, and colors of the food also contribute to this sensual orgy.

And it isn't just food and the flavors that are more intense - all my senses are now in overdrive. I will be taking a walk and suddenly stop because the shape of the oak tree is absolutely exquisite and I feel the need to pause and be part of that trees history. The connection I feel to NATURE is now something so deep, it is almost mesmerizing.

Or, when I go outside in the early morning hours, I am hit with the cool, clear air and a big smile suddenly breaks through my face because of the joy that morning chill brings to my entire being and soul.

Witnessing a sunsets, or smelling a new gardenia that just bloomed, or listening to music - anything where the sense are engaged, now places me in almost a meditative-like zone" of total inner peace.

I believe the intensity of these sensual experiences is something that just kicks in at a certain stage of life, like puberty kicks in for a teenager. This heightening of ones senses seems to now be in overdrive just by reaching this stage of life.

I am absolutely astonished by this. I had no idea there was something so amazing to look forward to and experience - but there you have it! This stage is like the cherry on the top of a hot fudge sundae. Pretty WONDROUS!

For all the other senior citizens out there, I hope you are also feeling this heightened awareness with your senses so that life's pleasures fill your entire being. Undoubtedly, this is best life phase so far.