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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

There goes the neighborhood?

I'm often singing the praises of beautiful California to anyone who will listen, but when the guys at work let me know there was some funny stuff happening in my own city I declared, "Well, it's not in MY neighborhood!"

But then I saw the news about someone being caught in a sting operation for prostitution and human trafficking, I thought,"Hmmmm. That home looks an awful lot like one in MY neighborhood..."

and then when they showed the van that was being used as a pimp mobile, I thought, "Hmmm. I've SEEN that van before...."

and THEN when they identified the address, I finally caved in and said, "OMG, it IS my neighborhood and that is my neighbor!"

Crime drama. Right here in my own little world.

First, we had the Head of Vice and four other policemen running a prostitution ring at a massage parlor in this town, but now it's just my neighbor. In a kind of twisted way, you could say this is an improvement. This guy was not a police officer.