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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Allure of Blue

The male satin bower bird in Australia creates a work of art as his way to attract a female to come by and get to know him. It is a special marketing process the bower bird uses to help lure the female to come check him out. Once the female stops by to review his art work, the male bird then does a little dance, and with luck, there may be some mating nookie going on after the dance.

These bower birds have been decorating with blue hues around a grass bower as part of their luring process for 50 million years. I find this absolutely fascinating that these birds have an inner compulsion to not only decorate, but to decorate with a specific color - BLUE! They use anything blue - flowers, blue shells, blue feathers, blue trash. Sometimes they even paint object with blue pigment they grind up from fruit pulp with their beaks.

What this tells me is that some species may have some built-in sensitivities to certain types of subtle energies, like colors. In Qigong medical treatments we use different energy frequencies, such as colors, sounds, intention, to create the right energy frequency needed for different organs, so seeing how this bird uses the color of blue (which is the energy frequency of communication) to create a specific desired outcome, too, was an unexpected delight.

If you are interested in things like this, you may want to check out "Survival of the Beautiful - Art, Science, and Evolution" by David Rothenberg.