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Monday, May 2, 2016

So many different communication methods to choose from

Our little toddler grand kid is now attending preschool at an English-Japanese bilingual immersion preschool, where his photo showed up on the recent newsletter.

He is learning the art of communication in a myriad of ways. For example,
  • at preschool they speak Japanese
  • at home his mother sings to him and reads him stories
  • at dinner time his father speaks English and sometimes Japanese to him
  • during the day, his nannies speak Spanish 
  • in the evening, his Kansas grandparents use Facetime
  • on the weekend, his Gramz uses Qigong mental imagery
  • throughout the day, his baby sister speaks alien
  • at the playground, the "toddlers of the hood" use their own jargon and sign language
  • and then there are the trains that seem to speak to his heart with a language all their own 
It is a wonder he can understand any of us at all.