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Friday, March 25, 2016

Free Spirit

There are some who grew up in strict and religious households, and then when they are able, they jump to the opposite end of the life spectrum and create a life without religion, little structure, and much more flexibility.

But then there are those who come from a free spirit type of life, one without all that structure and barriers, and they, too, will often end up jumping to the opposite end of the life spectrum to create a life of order, control, and discipline. They will also often embrace religion.

It seems to be some kind of tit-for-tat balancing act the universe has put in place. It is a way to help give each new generation the opportunity to push against the old one and try to discover one that makes more sense, based on the missing elements in how they were raised. One generation will cling to structure, conformity, and rules, and then the next generation will cling to freedom and creativity, but then the next will go back to choosing a life of structure and control. It is rather fascinating to observe. It seems to be a way to make sure everyone can grow up with something to push against. This process helps one better clarify and define what they want out of life and what they feel will improve their life.

This is one reason why I find the book, Free Spirit, by Joshua Safran, rather fascinating. He came from a childhood created during the Haight Ashbury era of peace and cosmic love. With this search for creating Utopia came a life with not many rules and no structure. This book is an autobiography of a childhood that is unlike any that I have ever known and I found the author's journey rather fascinating. His writing style is also very engaging - almost like a novel.

Later, as an adult, Mr. Safran ended up embracing his Jewish heritage and religion, as well as becoming an accomplished attorney, author, rabbi, and even an advocate against domestic violence.  Here is an amusing video presentation about the book.

If you like biographies, or like to see the how people handle their different life challenges, or find you lean to being a free spirit yourself, you will probably enjoy this book.