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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Vietnam here I come!

Soon I'll be in Vietnam for an adventure.
I took my team out for Vietnamese food so they could experience the wonder of Vietnamese cuisine and in a way, remotely participate in my journey. But NOBODY liked lunch, and what is worse, they wanted to stop by Costco on the way back to the office to get a hot dog.  Geeze.

I then started to wonder what the heck I was doing by signing up for an adventure halfway around the world, in a place where I don't speak the language and food is mostly vegetables? THEN, a friend of mine contacted me to tell me about her Vietnam adventure. I was hoping I would be carried away with anticipation, but her advice was to "take LOTS of toilet paper, diarrhea pills, and be prepared to be run over when you cross the street!"

YIKES! She even shared a photo from her trip showing rush hour. I thought, "Oh no, I'm going to DIE in a bicycle accident!" But then I thought, "hell, in Oakland I could get shot by the gangs!" So being run over by a bicycle in Vietnam is probably a much better way to die than in California. My bravery index then went back to normal.

Vietnam Rush Hour
I read about pirates and kidnappings in that corner of the planet and started to wonder if the yacht I will be staying on could be overcome by pirates! I then wondered about being sold as a sex slave, and then my bravery barometer kicked in and I thought, "Hey, that would give me lots of stories to tell so my life doesn't seem so boring, so maybe that's ok."

I mentioned to my team I MAY be kidnapped on this trip, and if so, would they help buy my freedom? They opened their wallets and all together had $16.32. I am hoping the US dollar stretches a LOT more on the day of that kidnap negotiation. But on the flip side, I learned my team will be there for me if I really, really, really need them (those cheap bastards)!

We will soon be having my FINAL American meal lunch. I told the team we need to eat french fries at this celebration, but then I realized, FRENCH fries is probably not American at all, but probably FRENCH. I then couldn't think of one ORIGINAL American food that was not imported from somewhere. (Well, maybe Jello, but that is hardly considered something you can sink your teeth in and use as a final meal.)

So, soon I'll be off to Vietnam to save the world!  YAY!  I can HARDLY wait!