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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fe fi PHO fum

I acquired basic cooking schools in Utah, using the Centerville Ward Relief Society mimeographed and stapled cookbook as my guide for being master of the kitchen. Those recipes were mostly cookies, cakes, jello salads, and casseroles. It wasn't until I relocated to California, I discovered a whole new world of foods, flavors, and recipes beyond jello.

This week I'm interested in Vietnam, so when the kids said their FAVORITE Vietnamese dish was Pho, I decided to try compiling and cooking this exotic dish. Obviously, I began the process by finding a Pho recipe and settled on one called "Authentic Pho" from Allrecipes.  I then compiled a list of the ingredients needed for this concoction and journeyed off to several stores to get all the ingredients. I mean, who has beef bones in their refrigerator, right??

I should have read the prep time FIRST, but I didn't. Prep time alone is 9 hours; 9 f*cking hours! I can already tell today's cooking is going to require a bottle of wine. With a straw. Going directly in the bottle of wine.