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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Gramz, I've Moved On

Grandparents can sometimes see how a grandkid evolves and changes and becomes someone new. For example, Bambino has LOVED trains, but this week, he hardly even looked at the train. This week he seemed to gravitate to toys that do more than just go on a track. He seemed to like trucks with moving parts.

For example, he has a cherry picker truck with a moveable arm and bucket and suddenly focused on this toy. You can almost see his mind working as he moves the arm in a lot of different positions and angles before he finally uses it to dump or connect with another toy.

 He also likes the trucks with moveable gates and ramps to carry other trucks.

After a long while of putting things together, he engages the trucks to move forward, almost as if he now can create the next event in his mental play.

He is fascinating to watch and observe.  It's fun to see his many changes.