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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finding that Creative Flow

In our Rock and Roll history class, the instructor shared how many of the songs on the Beach Boys album "Pet Sounds" were created by Brian Wilson, at his piano, in the middle of a sandbox, in his living room.  Obviously, I had to check it out to see if it was real....and it is! There is even an old photo of Brian Wilson at his keyboard, in his living room, inside that sandbox.

Pet Sounds, as you may know, is considered one of the best albums ever made. It is number 2 out of the 500 best albums, according to Rolling Stone Magazine.

What I think the insight of this story means is, there are many different ways to find that creative element and ride that wave. For Brian Wilson, he found it in a sandbox in his living room.  For others, they will discover and find in a different manner. But what is more important is to realize that the creative flow of energy is often just waiting to be found and tapped into - and it may be there for ANY of us to find and ride. We just have to discover our own special connecting process.