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Friday, June 19, 2015

American Genius - Gates + Jobs

National Geographic has a wonderful new mini-series featuring biographies about geniuses. One of these stories is about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. What resonated for me about this story of Gates and Jobs was a brief comment in the film - "the thing to remember about Steve Jobs is that all the things he is remembered for, happened AFTER he was diagnosed with cancer."

It sounded like this diagnosis and awareness of having cancer help to serve as a catalyst, a type of motivator to encourage Jobs to think outside the box, do things differently, take some risks.

What a different mindset!

A typical business leader usually focuses on quarterly profits and meeting Wall Street's expectations, and most people who receive a diagnosis of cancer often become immersed in fear. But for Jobs, this cancer diagnosis seemed to perpetuate him to take leaps into the unknown. It was after this diagnosis when the idea of an iPod and iPhone developed. It was these two creations which completely changed our way of life.