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Monday, May 11, 2015

Photograph by Ed Sheeran

I LOVED the song "Thinking Outloud" by Ed Sheeran, and have been exploring some of his other music. I stumbled on another video of his, "Photograph," where he shares snapshots of his life while he sings.
He begins as a baby, then advances in segments of time until he is finally singing before thousands of people. The video helped me see how his focused interest of art, music, and creativity began at an early age and he nourished it and allowed it to grow. By the end of the video, you see his journey turned into something extraordinary.

I believe that part of a parent's job, and even a grandparent's job, is to help their child find and blossom into the person they are born to be - helping them find their inner voice, meaning, and even purpose, then allow them space, time, and encouragement, to move in that path.  

I was rather moved by this video and the life story Ed Sheeran told in this music.