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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Graphene - the next technology revolution

At a lecture at Berkeley, we were reminded how we have had several stages of intellectual advancement, such as the technology revolution (which we have been recently immersed in).
But the next technology revolution is already in gear and is called the Graphene Age.

What is so special about graphene?
  • it is the smallest known material known - 1 atom thick
  • lightest material known 
  • strongest material known (stronger than diamonds)
  • bends
  • can be transparent
  • conducts heat
  • conducts electricity
  • allows nothing to pass through it except water

How can graphene be used?
  • create flexible cell phones
  • create very thin tv’s you can role up
  • create lighter aircraft
  • make batteries that hold a longer charge
  • solar power
  • electric cars making them more affordable
  • anti-corrosive for metal
  • filter water for clean drinking water 
  • filter out salt from the sea 

So if you are like me, and didn't even know we were once again starting on a new roller coaster of technology, here is a brief video to help you be aware of what is around the corner and what the next ride is going to be like.