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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Adventures in My Own Neighborhood

Do you like the theater?  How about sports, music, dancing, lectures, comedy, foodies, or date night ideas? There is a website I use to help me be aware of what's going on in my area of the world; Goldstar.  They also have discounts on tickets, which is another bonus.

I like music and theater, so often find great deals for those activities. Or sometimes a friend comes to the bay area, so I look for things they may like to do, like Bay cruise adventures, or wine tasting trips, or restaurant deals.

Recently I found some great musical adventures I want to see, like Pink Floyd Experience  and  The Beatles Concert Experience.  These are both at the Lesher theater in Walnut Creek, which is close to where I live, and then I found discount tickets at Goldstar!  Pretty cool, huh?

Goldstar has listings and discounts all over the nation, so they may have something you will find interesting that's close to where you live, too.