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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Welcome to Chez Q

"Welcome to Chez Q in beautiful Silicon Valley!"

"I would like to show you all the wonderful things you can expect during your visit at Chez Q!"

"Obviously, there is exquisite dining here. After all, we ARE in California!
Some will even lick their spoon and smack their lips. Yes, it is THAT good!"

"We also have free high speed internet for anyone staying with us.
You can check your messages or even play games - ANYTIME!
At Chez Q, we make sure we have the latest technology and we have the best support team in the entire valley!"

"Many of our visitors like to stay fit so we do offer an indoor jogging course for those so inclined."

"Others prefer the boundless opportunities to just rest and relax, which we also encourage. In fact, you can take a nap wherever and whenever you want."

"There will be opportunities for you to tap into your inner creative side while visiting Chez Q. Many of those who stay with us have a sudden desire to color or paint. We have all the primary colors and everything else you may need should you feel that creative urge of self expression."

"Most of our guests enjoy the exquisite trains at Chez Q. You can watch, play, or even participate in some healthy competition with the locals. It is your choice."

"I truly hope you will come and enjoy your time at Chez Q!'