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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tilden Park's Steam Train

Tilden Park has a steam train, which is perfect for kids looking to experience a train ride adventure. The conductor will come and punch your $3 ticket (kids under two are free).

You then wait for the Conductor to say, "ALL ABOARD!" 

The Engineer will then put the pedal to the metal and the train starts to move

and he will blow the train whistle so everyone knows the train is leaving the station.

The Conductor will then speed up the train so it is fast enough the wind will gently blow through your hair. 

The train will also go through a dark tunnel. At first it may seem scary, but it is really rather fun and exciting.

Then, when you are out of the little tunnel, you get to see lots of fun things around every bend in the tracks. 

At the end of the line, the whistle blows again and you come to a stop. 

Then if you want to go again, you can!  You just need another ticket!

It is a pretty cool experience and highly recommended for any kid who loves trains.