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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Story Time Two (the sequel)

"Gramz, it's time once again for stories!" says the Bambino.

 "Once upon a time...." the Bambino begins.

"Ahhhh, look at this cute baby picture, Gramz!" says the Grandkid.

"Hey, what happened to the rest of the story? This book had no story line! No plot. No drama. No happy ending. All it had was cute pictures of babies!"

"Gramz, but look at this clever book. Do you see how this book is also a tractor? Pretty cool, huh?"

"And this one is a jeep! There are lots of action shots."

"Some of the kids recommend tasting a book to really get the full experience of the story.  Have you ever heard of that, Gramz?"

"Gramz, story time is sometimes exhausting. Would you be a love and bring me a bit of refreshment? I'll just stay here and recuperate, OK?"