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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Problem Solving Skills in a 1.5 Year Old

Some kids seem to be born with a blueprint of their interests and abilities on display at a rather young age. For example, when I observe the Bambino, I can see this 1.5 year old's mind actively work and solve problems in a way similar to how his engineer father used to do, at a similar age.

For example, in these series of photos, it is as if you are able to observe the Bambino's thought process, clicking through different stages of a problem he needs to solve.

He begins first with a pouty face, as if he is faced with a problem that has just been handed to him. He displays an emotion of doubt, concern, or even frustration in his facial expression and slumped posture. He then quickly seems to have a plan and starts to pull tracks out of the box to create his solution.

Next, he diligently focuses on putting the pieces together to express what he is thinking.

He will not, and cannot be stopped at this stage of the process; he is very focused.

He finally reaches a point where he pauses, as if to check his work, placing the engine on the track and watching it move.

It is absolutely fascinating to watch this young mind go click, click, click while he creates, expresses, focuses, and learns.