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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Where has your honey been hangin' out?

I've noticed that no matter what, my clear beautiful amber syrupy honey eventually will crystallize and look rather guilty - hiding behind its honey crystals.

Oh sure, the taste of the honey is the same, and it is perfectly edible, but it just isn't as pretty.

At first I thought it was my fault. But my Google search led me to see the error of my thinking - I was without blame!  The crystallization happens to ALL honey, but the difference is how FAST it turns into crystals. The speed of this turning process is dependent on the type of flower the honey bee visited! Yes!  It is the honey bees fault!

If the bees hung out at places like an alfalfa farm, or cotton grove, or dandelion field, for example, the crystallization process will happen more quickly. But if the bees spent more time hangin' with sage, longan, tupelo and/or jujube, for example, the crystallization will be more slow (probably because they had to take more time waking up from a hypnotic trance).

So, the bottom line is, crystallization depends on who and where the bees were hanging out with.  If they were partying with the sweeter and better looking flowers, the crystallization changes will be faster than if they spent their time hanging out with the sages (the more zzzzzzzz group).