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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Observing a new mind in motion

Have you ever just observed someone being totally immersed in their work? Play is the work for a child, so observing a kid in play is like watching them at their job.

Being able to see what a child gets immersed in doing can show the types of experiences he already enjoys. For the Bambino, he gets totally immersed in playing with trains, balls, anything with wheels, and stacking blocks. He becomes totally focused during those types of activities.

While observing the Bambino stacking blocks, for example, I've been amazed at his absolute delight in what he is doing and how he reacts while playing with these blocks. I'm in awe of how he displays and wears his emotions so openly and how his feelings flitter and change in milliseconds with each changing block. What is also amazing is how his emotions seem so pure and untarnished. The ego has not yet demanded control so the kiddos emotions are still open and pure at this stage of life.

The ability to observe such an untarnished personality is such a total delight to experience. Being a grandparent seems to have many perks as well as many hidden 'easter eggs'. It really is one of the most surprising and wonderful experiences to have.