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Monday, November 24, 2014

Meal-time Competition

Because I'm trying to change the types of food I eat, I thought the little munchkin could learn to love healthy foods right away. I thought if you started early enough, you could train a person to LOVE healthy food over processed and frankenfood from the get-go.

I recently brought some home cooked vegies to feed the Bambino, and I must say, the vegies were rather divine! The meal included potatoes, carrots, celery, and KALE, cooked slowly in an exquisite clear and flavorful broth. I warmed up the vegies and then laid them out on his dinner tray. I waited and observed which ones he would adore.

He was OK with the potatoes and carrots, but then he took a bite of the cooked kale, scrunched his little face into a pucker frown, stuck out his tongue, and allowed that hearty goodness to drop on the dinner tray.  He continued to stick out his tongue as if it was now contaminated.  I was not only surprised, but devastated he didn't fall in love with this healthy food.

How could he have an opinion about kale at such a young age of life?

THEN I saw evidence he had been to a place which lairs little tykes with gimmicks, tricks, and silly hats. I now know what my competition is.

So now I need to find ways to make my nutritious meals more exciting and bring on tricks, gimmicks, and hats to my home cooked meals. So game on, 'In-N-Out Burger' - game on!