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Monday, November 10, 2014

Juniper Berries

I'm on a quest to learn to cook, which means I'm trying to stock my kitchen with gadgets and supplies a real cook would need to do her job. For example, I begged the kids to buy me a food processor 'cause there were so many recipes that called for a processor.  So they bought me one and I overused it, turning the cabbage into a new type of slurpee.

The kids also live near a Penzey Spice store, so when possible, I zoom over there to see what I don't have and continue building my spice inventory. I recently purchased Juniper Berries, in part, because they sounded exotic and I thought I may need them to graduate from slurpees to something more substantial. When I saw the little bottle of berries, I knew they needed to come home and be part of my spice rack. So, I bought them.
Later I learned juniper berries are primarily used to reduce the wild flavor of duck, venison, and sauerbraten - all the things I know I will never cook. However, they are also a prime ingredient of GIN, which is now something I am considering learning how to make.  

But, should this spice quest be considered yet "Another Q failure?"  No! I say!

We all know that the trial and error process is used like a stepping stone, including people like Thomas Edison, who got to his goal after crossing many stones that put him in a ditch.  So, who knows?  Maybe my failures in cooking, which then led to food processing, which then led me to juniper berries, and now distillery - well, maybe this is where I'm supposed to be.  

Or not.

But either way, I continue to forge ahead on this quest of discovery, one stepping stone at at a time.