Sunday, October 5, 2014

Off Ramp Deceivers

In California, during rush hour, almost every off-ramp has a 'deceiver' holding a sign wanting a handout. They prefer hard cash. It's more of a business rather than a charity. If you come at the end of their 'shift', you may catch them behind a bush or under the bridge, splitting up their newly acquired large stacks of cash with their manager (aka pimp).

Of course, they rotate to other off-ramps as a means of trying to not become too familiar. They don't want to be recognized, but that doesn't always work. In fact, I recognized one of these 'deceivers' in a brand-new large SUV in one of our neighboring towns. That is when I really became disgusted.

Giving cash to someone with your own free will is not illegal. But this off-ramp hand-out is a process usually built on deception and greed. They are pretending to be in need when in fact they are running a tax-free cash only enterprise designed to pull on the heart strings of well-intentioned people.

It's just too bad this scam has ruined my trust in people who hold up cardboard signs. I now only go through agencies or people I trust if I am asked for a donation. Those off ramp charities have become a group I loath and won't support.