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Friday, September 5, 2014

Teaching the Kiddo Qigong Techniques

The Bambino and I like to watch the Matrix movie together, which gives me the opportunity to point out how the movie often uses the subtle energy of Qi (chee) as a way to direct and manipulate events. Some of these techniques are actually part of the foundation of Qigong (chee gung) which is what I use in my medical practice! Needless to say, I THINK Bambino is starting to pick up on some of our discussions.  

For example, Morpheus uses a martial art technique of posture, concentration and movements which are often used in Qigong, too. In this part of the movie, Morpheus is using some Qigong techniques to train the hero, Neo.

And now I will occasionally see the Bambino standing with that same Morpheus type of "look in the eye" concentration, along with "bring it on" stance...

Yep, being a grandparent allows you to not only share your wisdom and experience, but also allows you to interpret whatever you want to see going on with your grandkid.

(I think only another grandparent will understand the amount of weird license and leeway of thoughts that comes from being a grandparent).