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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Changing the World Bit by Bit (yes, bits are considered a technical term)

Samantha Quist, Executive Director Technovation
The world is changing in many ways, but one of the most wonderful and positive directions has been where barriers get removed and more women make their presence known in unfamiliar ground.

Technology is one those areas that is still changing the world, and our own Samantha Quist is working to help more young women explore careers in technology.

Samantha has been doing this at Technovation, a company which focuses on inspiring and educating girls and women in technology. This includes an annual competition where young women (age 10-23) throughout the world develop mobile applications and then present (and pitch) their solution to a panel of judges.

You can read more about how this idea is helping to create our next generation of technical entrepreneurs at TechRepublic. Just look where all the participants came from who participated in the 2014 competition! It is pretty impressive.

You can also check out the winners of 2014 and be amazed at some of their ideas and how they are using technology to help solve problems in their own communities. WOW!

Perhaps you would like to help make the world a better place by encouraging more young women to explore opportunities in technology? You can become a volunteer, coach, or mentor of young women in your local area.  Or maybe you know a young lass who would be interested in developing an app to solve a problem she cares deeply about?

It's a new world, and we can help nurture these young girls and their wonderful ideas on how they can build a better community through technology. You can find out more, here.