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Monday, August 18, 2014

Visit to Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 12 most inventive city in the world. It is also also very much in a strategic location, serving as the gateway between the Atlantic and North Sea.

In 1621 King Gustavus Adolphus came to this area and said, "THIS IS THE PLACE" and even pointed his finger while he said those words.

Later, Brigham Young would repeat Gustavus's famous words in the Western deserts of the USA, but Brigham would use his whole hand to point and his words would carry the emphasis in capital letters, "THIS is the place"!  Stories say that it was these words which forced the seeds to sprout out of the dry dusty land and bloom into a mighty flower they then called Deseret (aka as Salt Lake City),  but that is a different story altogether.

So, back to the travelogue.
We took one of the water tours in a boat. In this photo, you can see a HUGE old sailing ship which is now stuck where it is ported because the low hanging bridges were built after it was docked and the ship is too tall to fit under any of the bridges.

Also in the harbor you can see a tall red and white building which is the home office to Skanska. This building is also known as"the lipstick building" because of its shape and colors.

It was also interesting to see so much "boat parking" available in town. I loved how the parking included ladders up the street so you could drive your boat to work and then hop off and shimmy up the ladder to go to work.

We also passed a hotel with an outdoor pool which seemed to be clutching to the wall as if it were Spiderman. It just seemed a bit odd to have this in a water rich town that has a very brief summer.

And then we also saw food trucks with American food; burgers and tacos. We really did feel like we were home. After all, we had a Brigham Young look-a-like statue standing by us while we could munch on American tacos while waiting to catch a bus back to the ship.