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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visit to Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark was our final stop on our Baltic cruise, and for me, was one of the most beautiful cities to visit.

Like most tourists, one of the first places to visit was the statue of the Little Mermaid. What surprised me was how small the statue actually is.

I also thought it was located at a type of gateway to the city, but it was located just on the edge of a park on the waterway. This is the Little Mermaid's hood:

However, even with all those surprises, the statue is really rather marvelous.

We also visited where the Royals live in Copenhagen. Again, I was surprised to be able to just walk around their front courtyard with hundreds of other people. It was very different from all the security around the White House, for example, or even visiting the Royals in London.

While there, we watched the dry cleaners drive up for a delivery, the doors parted, and then the car drove into their inner private quarters.

Obviously, we all peeked in and some, I believe, were hoping to be invited in for tea.

I also saw more bikes in Copenhagen, than cars, and their bikes had their own driving lanes, traffic lights, and even traffic jams.

There are a lot of waterways, boats, and colorful buildings, all using the same period-piece architectural design.

This photo, from Wikipedia, captures the colorful contrasts of these similar style buildings lining the waterways.

This youtube video, by Pinot's Little Corner, is a great summary of what Copenhagen is like, complete with the music "Wonderful Copenhagen" playing in the background.

Copenhagen had such a wonderful feeling and atmosphere in the city.  It is now one of my favorite cities.