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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The many faces of Bambino

Bambino has many ways of communicating how he feels. 
He is often smiling, and when we see his smile, we feel reassured he is content.

Then there are LOTS of moments when he is VERY focused and attentive in whatever he is doing

and he observes closely and sizes things up, trying to see how it all fits together.

There are other times when he is cautious and inquisitive...

and a few times when he may be tired and teensy bit grumpy

There are even times when he will squint his eyes and fake a cry, peeking to see if it is working,

and then when he REALLY wants to convey displeasure, he squishes his face as if this is putting his feelings in bold capital letters, just to make sure you get the message...

But with all Bambino's palette of faces, I find it absolutely fascinating to watch him interact with the world and change, week after week after week. The things he has learned to do in a rather short period of time (1 year) is just the beginning of all that awaits him to explore and develop over his lifetime.

It has been pretty fun being a grandparent. 
I like how as a grandma, I get to pay attention to the details of how this kid learns, grows, and becomes a unique individual. 
I must say, being a grandparent can be pretty groovy.