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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bambino's first birthday

Bambino's first birthday included having his mom make his favorite meal - all bite-size portions of real food, which made him feel all the more, grown up.

After dinner was desert....birthday cake!

Then it was time for PRESENTS!!
Bambino began by taking the first gift and very gently opening the card.

He then opened the gift and recognized it as one of the books he had been wanting. He begged Pop to read it to him and during some of the more daring parts of the story, Bambino seemed to gnaw on his hand with bated breath. Soon there was a happy ending and all was right in the world. He was now ready to move onto the next gift.

The next gift required the traditional "heavy heavy hangover thy poor head". This was Bambino's very first experience with this type of gift presentation process, but he was a good sport and wished the giver a winning lottery ticket.

Bambino was now getting the hang of this birthday thing and seemed to like having new toys given to him.

Yep, Bambino's first birthday was pretty fun!  It was a pretty big milestone in his very young life.