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Saturday, July 26, 2014

New airport experience

At the airport the TSA agent directed me to another line. Immediately I thought this must be for the people who also bought pressure cookers this year.You see, after the Boston Marathon bombing, I read an article that homeland security was now looking into everyone who bought pressure cookers online, and I had done just that. I had one of my many mood swings which prompted me to become someone new, this time a cook, which made me aware I needed new equipment, like a pressure cooker. I had no idea this action would turn me into a bombing suspect until I read online the new criteria being reviewed for terrorists which included people who recently purchased pressure cookers. So when I was directed to a new line at the airport, obviously it was from buying a pan.

The others in this line all looked like we cooked, or at least we're foodies. So when I got to the agent, I asked him if this was the line of people with questionable purchases. "No," he said. "These are the people we don't think are threatening. They are pre screened as not being a possible threat."

I translated this to mean we were boring, especially when I looked around the room.

But because I did not have to take off my shoes, take out my computer, and then be scanned and manhandled, I decided being boring was OK.