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Friday, July 18, 2014

family bonding through music

My mother could only play one song on the piano;


When she played this song, we stopped everything and gathered around the piano to watch her perform. She invariably hammed it up and would over exaggerate the staccatos with an upward lift of her left hand and then increase the complexity by crossing her hands over the keyboard as if she were playing with magic. We loved it! 

Dad would get into the action by twirling us around with the music, and eventually, by the end of the song, we would end up on the floor filled with giggles. 

Nowadays, whenever I hear La Donna e Mobile, I smile and think of those little acts of temporary family insanity filled with laughter from such a serious piece of music. This musical video from the 60's seemed to bring it back in a flash; that family bonding moment created through music.