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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Neil Finn

Yes, I went to see Neil when he came to SF. Neil Finn.
You know, the one from Crowded House, and before that, Split Enz.
How could I not go see Neil when he was in town?

Well, I loved it when Neil played his old music, BUT when he played some of his new stuff, well, so much of it made my teeth ache, ears fold up, and eyes close tightly shut.  It made me wonder who this new artist was and why he was experimenting with this?

I didn't understand some of the off-key stuff, nor the screeching sounds with the flashing strobe lights. I just didn't get the translation of what he was trying to have us experience. It just didn't work for me.

The event in the Palace of Fine Arts, was fun, however. I rather got a kick out of having Neil's father join us from New Zealand via a laptop to watch the event. Occasionally his dad would wave to us, which was comical, and made the whole show rather down-to-earth adding a rather human and family approach to the concert. I also liked his off-the-cuff discussions, including the happy birthday song to his dear old 93 year old dad.

The concert was "OK".  I didn't care for the techno-style wack-a-doodle stuff because it felt so unfinished and unblended. But I did like the familiar old songs from Crowded House and Split Enz - that material is still solid and still "has it".