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Friday, April 25, 2014

Babylon - torture song?

We are now just learning more secrets that had been hidden at Guatanomo, including the 21 different songs used as part of their torture program. Some songs on that list I thought, "yep, that song would probably drive me nuts, too," but then I saw one of my favorite musicians, David Gray, on that torture list with the song "Babylon".  WHAT??

Here is the video of David Gray singing Babylon.  If you throw off your clothes, scream in agony, plead for mercy, and go nuts, then I might be persuaded there may be something to this song that I just don't get. But if nothing happens to you, it should provide evidence this program was designed and approved by a bunch of nincompoops.

I am supportive of the recommendation to have the torture creation team go through and experience every torture program activity they designed, approved, and implemented. If they become a fan of David Gray's music, so be it. I will take that risk.