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Friday, February 21, 2014

Bamboo Sheets

I went to the SF Gift Fair and one of the booths was selling bamboo sheets. They had samples out for people to touch, so naturally I went up and put my hands all over the fabric and found myself sayin, "ooooh, ahhhh, ooooh, ahhhh!' The sheets were SOOOOO SOFT, ( but at 1600 count, I think anything would be soft).

The "Sheet Lady" shared this information about bamboo sheets:
  • Bamboo fabric can adjust to your body temperature. 
  • It has millions of micro gaps in the fiber making it one the fasting wicking fabrics available, those millions of micro gaps make our bamboo sheets much more breathable than any fine cotton sheet. 
  • You will stay cooler more comfortable in the summer and in the winter bamboo fabrics will warm you up quicker but at the same time because they allow more air between the fabric and your skin, overheating is prevented.
  • 100% Bamboo fabric drapes your body perfectly like silk would, but it breathes 10-20 times better than any fine silk.
Then, she said, "it's great for hot flashes or anyone going through menopause".
Well, that sold me.  So I bought them.

They are indeed cool and stay cool through the entire night. I recommend them to any hot mama. Go ahead and splurge so you can sleep through the night and be a cool hot mama.
But, if you are one of those who can't stay warm, try silk sheets. Bamboo sheets won't be for you.