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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Chat About the Olympics

"Hi Gramz." says the Kiddo. "I’ve been learning about the Olympics from Gramps, and so I've been training for them today with some pushups." 

"Gramps told me about an event called the SKELETON!  He said, "the Olympic Skeleton is a sport where one person rides a small sled down the icy path while lying face down and head first on the sled. Athletes slide down the icy path at speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour!  The sport was named from the appearance of the sled which some people say looks like a human skeleton!"

It sounded scary, but also kind of cool," the Kiddo says.

"But then G’mama, who is very wise, said, "Crazy people do this, not sane people with bright futures like yours, Kiddo. Just sayin’."  
"So now I don't know about this Skeleton thing and if I should train for it." 

"But for now, maybe I'll just do my training and learn to crawl."